These terms and conditions are for our website, our affiliates’ websites and other affiliates specified herein that can be accessed through our website, and are applicable to all the services, products, programs as well as information that you may find useful or access at one time or another through our site.

Use of Website

You expressly agree that any confirmation, statement, or document provided through the website by clicking on designated spaces with regard to that document shall be assumed to be in written form, signed, and delivered to us for all intents and purposes by you. Any record of the confirmation or transaction shall be assumed to be in written form as well.


We shall give each authorized party a distinctive user identification, corresponding password as well as access code to allow the authorized party to have access to and also make use of any function within the website that you shall authorize.

No offers

Unless and until certain information is particularly classified as solicitation of offer to purchase or offer to sell, no information on our website should, under any circumstances whatsoever, be construed as a solicitation of offer to purchase or offer to sell our company’s shares or any of our instruments.

Disclosure of Interest

Any of our authorized affiliates may strike a deal as a principal player in the securities outlined in our website and in other options based thereon as well.

Additionally, we or any of our affiliates, shareholders, employees, directors or any other officers may, at one time or another, hold positions or reserve their interest in the securities, futures, options or any other derivative instruments.

Account Information

Specific information from your account as well as other clients’ accounts that is in our possession or that is available on our website and can be obtained whenever need arises. Even though we strongly believe in the accuracy of the information whenever you need to download or access it using other methods, we give no guarantee that the info will be free of inaccuracies such as technical flaws or typographical errors.

Market Information and Pricing

You can only obtain definite prices on an agreed upon and real-time basis. Indicative valuations that may be available on our website are for information purposes only. Under no circumstances should the information be construed as solicitation to enter into, terminate, transfer or assign a commercial transaction of any kind. Additionally, the information should not be deemed as commitment by us or any of our affiliates to make an offer.

Please note that there may be significant variations between indicative values and actual values.

Past and Hypothetical Performance

Just like ordinary hypothetical performance results, our simulated results may also consist of inherent limitations. Generally, simulated trading programs are specifically designed with hindsight.

Materials in their Entirety

All the materials in our possession ought to be reviewed in entirety. The materials include footnotes, proprietary notices, legal disclaimers, copyright notices, restrictions and disclosures, among others.

Any disclaimers, hedge clauses, restrictions and/or disclosures are applicable to any partial material/ document in the same way they apply to the whole material/ document, and will be assumed to be integrated in the part of any material/ document that you choose to download or access.

No Warranty

You acknowledge the fact that information available on our website is not provided with the intention of recommending, soliciting or offering any specific service or product. Additionally, any research, market information or analysis from third parties unaffiliated to us are strictly the views of those particular authors and indicated sources.